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Our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

Our ‘Cultural Capital’ curriculum is a way to “celebrate and embrace the different backgrounds, heritage, language and traditions of all the children living in this country.” It is to develop a well-rounded child with a strong moral compass.

We promote this through:

  • Links with the local community
  • Social development
  • School values
  • Social enterprise


Links with the local community

  • Attend village events
  • Invite speakers/visitors into school
  • Provide after school clubs run by local residents
  • Support the local shop


Social development

Our school is a unique and inclusive place to learn. In addition to the National Curriculum coverage, we feel that children should be given the opportunities to develop life skills that enable them to achieve well as individuals in all walks of society. We aim to provide opportunities for our children to identify and develop individual talents.

We promote this through:

  • School ambassadors
  • School council
  • School clubs
  • The school’s value passport
  • Cultural Capital activity passport
  • Links with schools outside our local community


School values

Our school Values are:


  • To forgive others
  • To work a team
  • To show resilience
  • To be helpful and kind
  • To be curious
  • To be creative


These values run through each lesson and everyday school life. During the school week, children take part in project work to ensure and develop collaborative learning.

As a value based school, praise is given to the children who exhibit our values through the school week. Weekly assemblies are used as a time to reflect on each school value and the weekly STAR assembly will celebrate these achievements.  


School Enterprise

Throughout the school year, classes take part in enterprise weeks to help develop resilience and team building skills. Classes are given age appropriate tasks and challenges to complete throughout the week which leads up to an enterprise fair. This may be linked with either the Christmas, Easter or Summer fair where family members and local residents are invited along to view and purchase the products that each year group has designed and made.

Cultural Capital Passport