Normanton-on-SoarPrimary School

Soaring High Together

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We are proud that our pupils display exceptional behaviour, with manners, courtesy and compassion towards each other as the norm. We believe in a whole school approach that ensure consistency and clarity. 


At Normanton-on-Soar Primary School…..

  1. All children have the right to learn and play in an environment in which they feel safe
  2. All staff have the right to be treated with respect by pupils and parents just as pupils and parents have the right to be treated with respect by staff
  3. All children will be treated fairly and equally by staff
  4. All incidents will be dealt with fairly and consistently
  5. All children and parents/carers will know about the ethos of the school and what that means. 
  6. Parents/carers will be informed of serious incidents or persistent unacceptable behaviour
  7. In responding to an individual child’s inappropriate behaviour, staff will take into account any circumstances particular to the child/ren and situation
  8. The Governors will meet whenever necessary to discuss specific incidents and make decisions about fixed or permanent exclusions