Kingswood Residential


We enjoyed the low ropes and zip wire for our last activities of the trip. Unfortunately, I am not a particularly adventurous kind of person, but thought that the zip wire looked relatively tame (from the ground). I climbed up the steps inside the climbing tower when my  nerves hit! Shaky legs and sweaty palms followed, but the children following me up the steps were very supportive and patient. I edged my way to the platform with loud cries of support from the children (I thought I was going to support the kids!) After a short while on the platform and listening to reassuring words from the activity leader I stepped off and enjoyed the ride. Despite enjoying it, I declined a second offer of going again. The majority of the children or Mrs Hickling didn’t share the same fears and stepped off the platform with confidence. Unfortunately, Mrs Maddock’s Indiana Jones style descent ended up in a trip to the first aid room with a nasty rope burn. Needless to say, she did it with style!

All of our children have faced fears, triumphed over challenge, worked collaboratively and supported one another on our residential. It has been a special bonding experience for all staff and children and I can’t wait for the next one! Enjoy your half term.





Girls dormitory woke first – I woke up the boys at 7.00am as  they were the last to fall asleep. It’s really hot so children are applying sun cream and staying in the shade as much as possible. We have a few changes to the activity timetable, e.g. disco is now a campfire with marshmallows. Children are eating really well (so are the teachers!). Behaviour is exceptional and I’m really proud of all of the children.

We’ve done so many amazing things ….fencing, Jacobs ladder, night-line, orienteering.  As it has been a hot day, the staff at Kingwood decided to add water to the dry mud to make the night-line activity more exciting. Needless to say, we have lots of muddy clothes. Otis and Eleanor particularly enjoyed playing in the mud pit!  The staff at Kingswood have commented on the fantastic nature of our children and have said they have been a pleasure to spend time with. Children were really hungry tonight and all had big portions of dinner, followed by a chocolate muffin. We’re just about to set off for our evening activities … I think bedtime will be much earlier tonight, looking at the tired and happy faces of all the children. If I get chance, I’ll add more tomorrow. One more sleep …

Photographs below –



We arrived safely at Kingswood at 2.15pm and were all welcomed by Liam, the group leader for the next few days. Once we collected our bags off the coach, we had a tour of the inside of the building and the outside grounds. Rooms were allocated and the children made their own beds (with a little help from us!) and settled in.

We had a spare hour before dinner, so we all went outside and played on the large field. Dinner followed and children enjoyed a range of food, but particularly favoured the ‘salad bar’ where they could go back for seconds and in some cases thirds! Ice creams were available for pudding which were quickly devoured by most and cooled the children down.

Problem solving and a scrapheap challenge provided the entertainment for the evening. Photographs below: –

Big smiles!IMG_3118IMG_3119IMG_3120IMG_3121IMG_3122IMG_3123IMG_3124IMG_3126IMG_3127IMG_3128IMG_3129IMG_3130IMG_3131IMG_3132IMG_3133IMG_3134IMG_3135IMG_3136IMG_3137IMG_3139IMG_3141IMG_3142IMG_3143IMG_3144IMG_3145IMG_3147IMG_3146IMG_3148IMG_3149IMG_3150IMG_3156IMG_3155IMG_3154IMG_3153IMG_3151

The children are having showers this evening, followed by hot chocolate and then (hopefully) sleep. Keep your fingers crossed! Wifi is not very reliable but when I get an opportunity I’ll write again.


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