Welcome to the Year 5 and Year 6 class

Here is a suggested reading list for year 6 – it includes firm favourites as well as novels I have enjoyed reading and sharing in the past.  Click here to download the file.  suggested-reading-year-6-ver-2

Here is a suggested reading  list for year 5 – click here to download the file.  recommended-books-for-year-5




Useful revision resources

Grammar –

A revision guide spag-booklet

Determiners determiners-for-tes

Pronoun Types year-6-grammar-revision-guide-and-quick-quiz-pronouns-71665014

The active and passive voice  when+to+use+the+passive+or+active+voice+in+writing+Hap+tues

Conjunctions T2-E-1696-Using-Different-Types-of-Conjunctions-Quiz


Guided Reading

Tips for completing a paper  top tips for reading paper

Three mark questions  3 marks

Skim and Scan – improving that speed reading comp – skim and scan

Year 6 old papers

  • Print the Reading Booklet and the answer booklet.
  • Remember to number the paragraphs and to summarize each paragraph

Remember to do the one mark questions first!

Try these revision sites 

Comprehension https://www.everyschool.co.uk/english-key-stage-2-comprehension-3.html


Paper one



Paper  two



Paper three

Reading Answer Booklet 2008

Reading Booklet 2008


Numeracy Revision

Work through these links to help revise your numeracy skills

BBC Bitesize

Primary homework help http://primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/maths/sats/index.html

Crickweb http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks2numeracy.html

Fractions, decimals and percentages

fractions decimals and percentages





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