Eagle Class

Welcome to Year 3 and Year 4













We also sorted food into the main food groups.








We investigated muscle groups and bones and the children drew parts of a skeleton and joined them together. We learnt a lot about size and scale  😕 !!!
















SPAG: Within SPAG we looked at conjunctions and how to use them in sentences. The children worked around the room writing sentences for each of the conjunctions.









Highlights from the Spring Term

In the Spring term we learnt about the Vikings.  On 2nd April we held a  Viking day, which all the children thoroughly enjoyed. They learnt about the life of a Viking, what they would wear, what jobs they would do and where they would create their settlements. 

The children got to dress up and try some of the jobs that the Vikings did such as grinding flour, spinning wool and weaving, creating jewellery and pottery.  In the afternoon they reenacted a raid on an Anglo Saxon house and a Viking burial.

The children have also written kenning poems about each other too.

Can you guess who this kenning poem is about?

A dog cuddler

A horse rider

A school lover

An animal adorer


















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