Our Staff

Our Staff

Mrs Maddock

I am the  Head of Normanton-On-Soar Primary School.  I will still be teaching year 5 and 6  for two mornings a week and will now be part of a teaching job share.  When not at work I enjoy spending time with my two sons doing family activities. I have a cat and two tropical fish tanks that keep me busy. I also like gardening and playing the saxophone and the piano. I lead a very busy life!


 Mrs Allwood

I am the Foundation and Reception Teacher. I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead.  I enjoy going camping and being in the outdoors. In my spare time I love to play my musical instruments and bake!

 Mrs Butler

My name is Mrs Butler and I will be teaching years 1 and 2. I can’t wait for the exciting year ahead at Normanton on Soar. In my spare time I love to read especially Harry Potter, I make lots of things too so we will get very creative and I love to dance. I have 2 children and lots of pets –  a dog, a fish, a guinea pig, a tortoise and chickens.


 Mrs Hanif

I will be teaching years 3 and 4 alongside Miss Roulstone.

I am a mum of four so I am always on  the go. I enjoy doing many things with my family however I also enjoying going out with friends. I like to keep fit by walking, swimming and dancing. In my spare time (if I’m lucky) I like to read and I am learning to understand the Arabic language.


Miss Roulstone

 I will be teaching in Year 3/4 on Monday , Tuesday and  Wednesday.   In my spare time I like to keep active and love the outdoors. In my bid to get fitter, I successfully completed an open-water one mile swim up in the Lake District.

We  are both super excited to be teaching years 3 and 4 and can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us!

Mrs Dally

I will be teaching alongside Mrs Maddock in years 5 and 6.

My name is Mrs Halls Dally and I will be teaching in Class 3 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I’ve spent a number of years working in secondary schools in various roles, and I’m looking forward to the challenges of the primary classroom. Outside of school I’m a keen baker and an avid reader.  We live on a farm, so much of my time is spent outdoors! 

Teaching Assistants


Hello, my name is Mrs Hickling and I am the Teaching Assistant in Foundation and Reception. In  my spare time I enjoy going to the gym, running, walking my dog and spending time with my husband and family.


My name is Miss Rolls and I am the teaching assistant in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and 2. I have lived in Normanton on Soar for 17 years with my two children. I love going for big long walks along the river. I spend my spare time planting my beautiful garden and enjoy making pottery.


My name is Mrs Howard and I am the teaching assistant in Class 2 and Class 3. 

My name is Miss Sas, I am the Specialist PE teacher. In my spare time I enjoying playing tennis and golf and also spend a lot of time travelling to London to see family and friends. I am also a Professional Tennis Coach and work with lots of children and academy players helping them to progress further with their development. 






Mrs North – Office Manager


Mrs H Brunning – Administrative Assistant


Mrs Jenkins – Midday Supervisor


Mrs Hyman – The Cook for the school.  Mrs Hyman works incredibly hard to ensure that all our school dinners are healthy and delicious!  She is supported by Mrs Dickers.


Mrs Cross is our Cleaner in Charge – she works every morning to make sure that the school is clean and ready to open.

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